Livermore is a great place to bike. All Together has planed routes that include:

Tesla Vintners loop- Start at Tesla Vintners and ride to Ravens Wood and back on a scenic trail and back road loop

Rios-Lovell to Big White House- a beautiful road ride with a little hill that proves what goes up must come down, with a smile on its face.

Nottingham to Retzlaff- an all off the road ride.Flat and fun with ten tasting rooms on the way.

and last, but so awesome: Dante Robere to Wente restaurant- a 2.75 mile one way ride through Sycamore Grove park. No wineries but a cool creek trail that starts at Dante's brand new tasting room and ends at Wentes original tasting room.


  ALL TOGETHER MOBILE BIKE RENTALS has been in business since 2013. Servicing the Livermore and Tri-Valley with safe, convenient bike rentals for the wine trails and downtown routes. Able to rent for the day, the week, or the month; drop off at home or at a trail....bringing bikes to you make it easy-peezy!

  ALL TOGETHER is dedicated to providing a fun alternative to explore the Livermore area. We are willing to work with every customer and group to provide the best experience. Flexible and understanding, willing to peddle the extra mile to show the good nature of Livermore.